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Our Services

Tilda pharma services helps pharmaceutical companies, medical device and biotech companies move from clinical trial research through clinical trial submissions. Experts in various therapeutic areas, regardless of study design, study size and scope, we provide customized CRO services and solutions that produce quality data suitable for various regulatory agency submission.

We have many many years of experience helping from small companies to industry leaders improve clinical trial processes, optimize resources and achieve compliance. Working with us can decrease costs, improve efficiency, data quality and assure data integrity for every trial for the clinical trial submissions.

Our service areas include

Study Design

We investigate and deliver appropriate clinical trial designs and perform sample size calculations.

Clinical Services

We design and deliver clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS), clinical monitoring, EDC services, Data Management and Statistical Programming Services and medical writing.

Database Development

We designs and deliver database solutions and electronic CRF specifically for your study.

Data Management

We collect, Extract, Transform and Load and present a clean quality data.

Statistical Services

Our team performs statistical analysis and reporting based on protocol-specified endpoints.